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Travelling in Nepal

December 31, 2018 . Enlightentrip

Travelling in Nepal | Blogs - Enlighten Trip
If you want to trek to Everest base camp or elsewhere in the Khumbu region or another part of Nepal and thinking when is best time trekking in Nepal we can say September to November and March to May then the critical issue in planning when to trek is the monsoon period which runs from June to August. During the monsoon period, there is still excellent trekking in the Western part of Nepal around Annapurna, Mustang, and Langtang as these largely lie in a rain shadow. However, you need to be ready for serious rain; generally, this is confined to shorter storms in the afternoon. The period around Christmas and New Year is cold but with good thermals, this can be a great time to trek as the trails are much quieter. We do not organize peak climbing during this period as by the time you reach 6000m it is really cold. #head9 Tips to remember Before Trekking in Nepal >Bag Do not carry unnecessary stuff. Expect what and how much of it you will use in the weeks on the trek and pack accordingly. Everything you could possibly get in your country is available in Kathmandu and probably cheaper.  So do not worry about anything you missed out. Make sure to stock up well on emergency medications, water purification tablets etc.  Pack in a first aid kit without fail. The maximum you bring 20kg. If you bring a duffle bag that better and do not forget to use the lock. >Pack snacks and lighter treats In between meals and to beat the boredom of walking for long hours, snacks like chocolates, cookies,   nuts, candies etc can help. In fact, they can help improve energy levels. These treats, when sold by locals, are extremely expensive. So it would be wise to carry them. >Carry Cash It is very important to carry cash. Normally, there are no ATMs in the mountain area. So carry cash. Dollars and pounds are universally accepted but exchange rates are unfavorable >Use local Company You can book your trip through online. It is cheaper than the worldwide company. They sell sub-contract. You get the same kind of service from the local company (Glacier Adventure Company) Respect for the local culture. Try to get a hang of the local culture, norms and make the most of it. Take time off and go around the local market. You will find great stuff and deals to your surprise. Try eating the local Nepalese food served in tea houses, the local produce like fresh fruits. It is a fact that batteries die faster in the cold. Keep cameras, iPods Mobile close to your body or in your sleeping gear. You could get more out of the batteries just by doing that. It is extremely expensive to charge batteries there. It is a fact that people smell when they do not shower and you will too like most at that altitude do. When temperatures hover in the negative tens, chances are that you will not shower much. Carry hand wipes, sanitizers, body sprays to help retain hygiene.

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