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About Us

Enlighten Trip is proud to offer you diverse forms of trekking services. We run an eco-friendly, trekking, hiking, climbing, jungle safari, mountaineering, scenic & cultural tours, historical tours, wilderness expeditions, overland adventures, special interest tours, helicopter rescue, family adventures or group holidays in Nepal, Bhutan, and Tibet. We are focused on your safety, pleasure and making your holiday as memorable and enjoyable as possible. We aim to offer you the best travel and trekking services. Our dedicated team will match all of your needs by creating a personalized and most appropriate itinerary. We are committed to offering you custom design trips with your specific budget and priorities in mind. The company comprises with a team of well-experienced travel professionals who have spent in the tourism field for over a decade. Believing in responsible tourism and Eco-friendly travel, we try our best-providing tourism services that care about local communities & culture as well as wildlife conservation & the environment. Apart from only entertainment and spending holiday, traveling broaden people's mind, inter-cultural exchange, build global peace and brotherhood among different people of the world irrespective of caste, color, religions, and races. Enlighten Trip has accomplished numerous exemplary social works for the uplifting of the livelihood of the people and for sustainable development of the remote areas of Nepal focusing on the education of needy children. Thus, by choosing Himalayan Social Journey, you are not only choosing a unique and local experience, but you are also helping to change lives and give the hope of the opportunity to children and their families in Nepal. Enlighten Trip have thought to allocate 3% from the profit for the social and noble cause. Moreover, your safety is of the utmost importance to us. Therefore, when it comes to keeping the overhead of our trips low, safety is one area in which we simply do not compromise. Our guides are selected based on their technical proficiency, proven safety records, impeccable judgment, their friendly demeanor and their ability to provide helpful and knowledgeable instructions. They are also highly professional and well trained in first aid and personal protection equipment.